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PRINCE2® Awareness: An Introduction to PRINCE2® Project Management

Do you want to begin using a PRINCE2® project management approach in your business? This PRINCE2® Awareness workshop is a great introduction to the PRINCE2® methodology.

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PRINCE2 Awareness Course Brochure
PRINCE2 Awareness Course Dublin

Getting to Know PRINCE2®

This workshop covers a high-level overview of PRINCE2®, including its benefits and key characteristics. It works really well as a starting point for teams progressing to a more in-depth level of PRINCE2® training, or as a way to gather knowledge and understanding for high-level management.

1 Day



Who Attends this PRINCE2® Awareness Workshop?

As this is a great introduction to PRINCE2®, it’s suitable for anyone in an organisation that uses or will use a PRINCE2® approach to projects. Leadership teams, key project managers and project team members are all suitable attendees for this workshop.

Course Format

What is covered during this PRINCE2® Workshop?

Training Objectives

By attending this workshop, participants will gain a high-level understanding of the PRINCE2® approach to project management, including the benefits and key provisions of this project management methodology.

Course Highlights

  • An overview of the PRINCE2® Framework
  • PRINCE2®: What are the benefits?
  • PRINCE2®: 7 Principles, 7 Themes, 7 Processes
  • Tailoring PRINCE2®

Tailored for Your Business

When delivering this PRINCE2® Awareness workshop, we can customise the content to focus on how PRINCE2® would apply in your business – noting processes, goals and challenges relevant to your work environment.

Learn More About This Workshop

For full details on this PRINCE2® Awareness Workshop, click below to view or download our PDF brochure.


What options for progression are available?

This workshop is intended as an introduction; a jumping off point for further PRINCE2® training and possibly certification.

Although all participants may not progress to further training, there are 3 excellent options to consider when choosing the next PRINCE2® steps for your team:

Practical PRINCE2® for Teams

This is a natural progression from the Awareness workshop, with a practical focus on training participants in how they can apply PRINCE2® to projects.

Without a need to aim for certification, those who attend the workshop can give their attention fully to gaining confidence and workable skills for using PRINCE2®.

PRINCE2® Foundation Training & Certification

This is an exam preparation course, covering an understanding of the PRINCE2® framework and supporting your team in preparing to sit and pass the PRINCE2® Foundation exam on Day 3 of training.

PRINCE2® Practitioner Training & Certification

Once your team have achieved Foundation level certification, Practitioner level is the next step. This 2-day workshop covers the tailoring and application of PRINCE2® to given project case studies. This is also an exam preparation course, with the Practitioner exam on the final day of training.

Get Started

If you think that the options above could work well for your team, get in touch to discuss how we could put together the best possible training programme for your needs.

You can reach our training consultants by phone at Freephone 1800 910 810 or 01 861 0700. Click below to Get a Quote from our team.

In-House FAQ

Frequently asked questions about this PRINCE2® Awareness workshop

Do my team need experience to attend this workshop?

No experience is needed for this workshop. In fact, this is a really useful workshop for everyone in your organisation. The more people who are aware of how PRINCE2® works, and why your project team will implement processes in the future, the more smoothly things will run.

Can individuals attend this workshop?

This workshop is exclusively available for in-house bookings. If you would like to attend PRINCE2® training as an individual, why not take a look at our PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner course, which has dates available in Dublin all year-round.

Is there an exam and certification?

This is an introductory workshop, so no exams or certifications are included. We can offer progression to certification level for those who wish to learn more about PRINCE2®.

Will I be able to use PRINCE2® following this workshop?

The objective of this workshop is to gain an understanding of PRINCE2® and how it works. However, further training is needed to be able to apply PRINCE2® to active projects.

How can I organise a PRINCE2® Awareness Workshop in my business?

You can begin organising a workshop right now! Get in touch with our training consultants, either by using the Get a Quote button below, or by calling us on Freephone 1800 910 810 or 01 861 0700.

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